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I was born in Gandia -País Valencià - ,

near the Mediterranean sea in 1998.

I moved to Barcelona in 2016 for my bachelor´s degree in cello. It's my second city and I have several familiar and work connexions there. 

From April 2022 I’m based in Hamburg, Germany

 - but I'm moving around Europe! 


I started my Doctoral studies with Prof.  Dr. Alexander Schubert,  Prof. Dr. Gordon Kampe and Dr. Konstantina Orlandatou at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Hamburg with the topic "Fluid Virtual Identities: queer-feminist awareness in virtual environments" . With this research I'm going to symposiums for visibility, equality and ethic framework inside arts and most specificlly, XR and multimedia artworks.

I graduated in Composition and Performance of Contemporary Music (COPECO master) in July 2022 at CNSMD Lyon with Michelle Tadinni, Jean Geoffroy and Greg Beller as main tutors. This Master allowed me to studied in EMTA (Tallinn), KMH (Stockholm) and HFMT (Hamburg) asaid from my main institution in Lyon and to connect with different European scenes of experimental art. 


In my work, I explore XR technology and 3D audio inside

the Queer-feminist aesthetics, using voice, body, space, and sound as main sources of virtual action and political messages.


I consider myself a multimedia artist since I work with poetry, virtual environments, sound, lights, improvisation, and physical performance in my daily practice. My works and projects had allow me to learn about all these media in a 360° extension, being flexible and open in the sense of my compositional approach at the same time having a clear, refreshed, and consistent aesthetics. Even so, I consider myself a director and a collaborative queer composer.


For my performative approach and compositional ideas I been working with in season 2022 and season 2023 and being  currently artist collaboration of .

Also, in 2021 I formed with Carolina Santiago Martínez, Regrat Duo, a multimedia+piano duo which allowed me to participate in important projects in 2023 as the Incubateur de Royamount and being artist resident of Grame, Centre de Creation National of Lyon, France.


  As sound designer I worked in HOOU and in different theatres around Germany as Rampe Theater, St.Pauli Theater or having collaboration with institutions as UDK, Berlin.

I premiered in important festivals such as Ms.ArtVille//DockVille, Blurred Edges, and Habitat Festival with my collective GlitterBox. Now we are developing a VR film with the help of MOIN and their sponsor :

Specialist in Izotope, Unreal Engine, Max, Audition, Reaper, 

and currently learning C++. Sometimes I also use Ableton, Blender and I am able to read Code and use Premiere.

For a longer-  and more serious - CV ... click here ^^

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